Soft Kitty by Marion Peck



Cat Art Show has chosen The Ian Somerhalder Foundation as our charity beneficiary for 2018. In addition, we will support Kitten Rescue LA with our closing night benefit.

Cat Art Show was created by Susan Michals, a journalist and curator who covers the intersection of art, culture, and celebrity. 

Her work has been featured in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, The Art Economist, GalleristNY, and The Huffington Post, among others. Michals owns one cat, a Maine Coon, named Miss Kitty Pretty Girl.

Cat Art Show is also produced in association with Daniel Salin, a producer, promoter and curator, recognized for his production of Banksy’s 2006
Los Angeles show, “Barely Legal” as well as the exhibition of Mr. Brainwash’s collection of works
seen in the Academy Award nominated film, 
Exit Through the Gift Shop. He is also cat guy.

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